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  • Title: Guardian, The
  • Release year: 2006
  • Movie genres: Action; Adventure; Drama
  • Director: Andrew Davis
  • Actors: Kevin Costner, Ashton Kutcher, Sela Ward, Melissa Sagemiller, Clancy Brown, Omari Hardwick, Alex Daniels, Daniel J. Molthen, Andrew Schanno, Adam Pena, Joe Arquette, Gary Billburg, Joshua Mitcheltree, Rusty Tennant, James Barnes, Andrew Davis
  • Movie length: 139 min.

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You got great movie to watch now. This is the wonderful! If you haven’t seen this film yet then you must download it. Open your eyes to this wonderful story. You will for sure love to to have fun with Guardian, The that is one of the greatest Action films of 2006. Starring in the action: Melissa Sagemiller, James Barnes, Sela Ward, Rusty Tennant. They are playing their roles in a cool way bringing us tons of delight from watching how high quality they could play. It is the best of all films of Melissa Sagemiller. Running time of the action is: 139 minutes and these minutes certainly could not leave you disappointed or something like that! :) We think that you will like Guardian, The flick. Cheers.

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